Northumberland Beach Wedding/Elopement Inspiration Shoot

When you’ve lived near the Med, your mum took you to the beach the minute the sun shone, your dad bought you a rubber dinghy as soon as you could swim, and you had competitions with your friends to see who would have the most sea swims over the summer, the sea is in your soul. Whether in Italy, Greece, Cornwall or Northumberland, all its colours are mesmerising… that unmistakable smell – we used to wind the windows down to see if we could guess how close we were to the seaside by the smell. The sound of the waves, spotting boats, the feel of the sand always soothe and refresh.

Now, add… a talented photographer friend who also loves Northumbrian beaches, an amazing hard-working husband who does all the driving, makes about 48 trips from the car to the beach, and who spends almost every break away together by the sea. Include one loved-up couple, a good handful of gifted Yorkshire and North East wedding creatives, our generous hosts of Budle Hall, and a headful of boho chic styling ideas, Biba accents, golds and turquoise blues, boho Edwardian mixed with ombre tulle, late 1920s glamour… then tell your friend that the colour of the flowers should echo the sunrise and sunset over shades of sea blues, and this is the result!

All the creatives’ contact information will appear at the end of this PREVIEW – more to follow in a couple of weeks.
Thank you to all who contributed, and a thousand more thank yous to the team who worked constantly on the day and got stuck into whatever job needed doing to get these amazing results. And… wait till you see Gill’s amazing images too!

wedding picnic on bamburgh beach

mini tipi for a wedding picnic on bamburgh beach

colour photograph of a bride and groom in 1920s dress at the front of Budle Hall in Bamburgh

colour photograph of a boho chic bride wearing an exquisite beach head-dress made by Sarah Drew

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Creatives Credits;

Thank you Celia for your hospitality in your beautiful home, Budle Hall  – we will be back
Clever hair and make-up artistry by the beautiful April Børjesson Cunningham who is simply delightful, and has great taste.

Love-birds Jamie & Sian, our newly-weds who travelled from Leeds. Sian runs Sian Chaplin Events and knows a lot about planning weddings

I love gorgeous dresses and most things that are simply beautifully made. The ombre tulle skirt that Sian wore was designed, and made by Bex of Bexbrides in Darlington. She also made the blue choker and belt, and put the 2-piece outfit with the soft ruffle blouse together

Over the past 4 years, I’ve been lucky to get to know Claire Amelia, designer and owner of The Bridal Emporium in Leeds who was of great help to me with my own wedding dresses. As well as letting me borrow two of her Eliza Jane Howell dresses for the shoot, she included the original, delicate Edwardian blouse which Sian wears with Bex’s ombre tulle skirt on the beach, and the hand-crafted sparking head-piece that complements the art-deco Lady Daisy beaded dress

Becca from Charisma Florists in Wallsend did an amazing job with two grand bouquets of coral and peach with eucalyptus, two buttonholes for Jamie, a fabulous hair-comb of succulents, the succulent arrangements for the couple’s picnic table, and stayed around to help with just about everything else too.
The exquisite gold beachy head-dress was bespoke made for me by Sarah Drew in Cornwall

The beach picnic styling came from my imagination, and came to life thanks to the skills of graphic designer Helen Bell of Devotion Stationery  who made my charming sea-quote print, and the bespoke seahorse wedding cake shared, eaten and loved by us all was made by Jo Robinson of White Rose Cake Design.

The mini-tipi was from Emily of  Emily K Weddings who also made the ‘Love’ sign. The sumptuous hand-dyed habotai silks and ribbons were made by Sophie Stewart of Pompom Blossom in Clitheroe, Lancs, and wherever there is luxury and glamour, there will be something from Pamella Dunn!  Thank you for the gold cutlery and glasses Pam. There’s also some newly made natural confetti pictures to come from Sarah Richardson of Leafy Couture

Sian & Jamie – without your connection to each other, trust and patience, the beautiful styling and creations would have remained simply beautiful. Your love for each other is what brings it all to the main reason we photograph weddings.

To my lovely, accomplished friend, Gill of Unfurl Photography  – we seem to have worked on several photo-shoots now in under 2 years. Here’s to our first beach one! Without you, I might have still been talking about it next year. Thank you for sharing this journey with me, and for all your vital input. I can’t wait to see your gorgeous photographs and see how your art of seeing differs from mine.
My husband… so many thanks, so many brownie points! I’m lucky that as a professional photographer yourself, you understand why I just have to take these ‘things’ out of my head and make them real. Here’s to us and our wedding anniversary by the Med,  X O X

beach wedding picnic with golds and turquoise blues by wedding photographer Catherine Kerr

wedding photographers Bamburgh beach photograph

colour photograph taken at Bamburgh beach of a couple in Boho Edwardian wedding outfits