A Quirky Wedding in North Yorkshire

. . . . .for Katie & Steve who are getting married in their local church soon with their reception in Steve parent’s barn and beautiful garden in Wistow, near Selby, North Yorkshire.

north yorkshire weddings photography near Selby in North Yorkshire Catherine Kerr

The groom will be driving to the church in a combine harvester with his 9 grooms-men! Afterwards, the new husband and wife will return to their reception venue in the same mode of transport and weather allowing, the groom’s entertainment will be a game of cricket in the local field!

Meanwhile, Katie is up for a quirky, fun and different bridal photo-shoot using all the available farm buildings with their tactile textures and some cut-down trees as arty backdrops so we’ll be going off together to create some stunning model style pictures that will wow her new husband. She says that when they’re in their 80s, she wants them to remember their loveliness of youth and how they were together leading up to and including, their wedding day of course. Yup, I agree with her.

wedding photography in north yorkshire

It also looks like their two dogggies, chocolate labs, Inca and Fudge, will be joining us for part of the day and the photo-shoot too.

north yorkshire wedding for katie and Steve of Wistow

There’s more  . . . . .the wedding breakfast is going to be a big family barbeque and the barn will be lit with chandeliers and decorated with metres and metres of bunting with cupcakes for dessert. So, just keep watching right here.