Mays Wedding Musings – Instagram Prompts and Advice

Instagram Prompts for Wedding Pros and Couples

Welcome to May 2020! On Instagram this month, we’re going to get to know a whole lot more about wedding suppliers and how they work as well as and couples’ real experiences  and wedding planning needs via #MaysWeddingMusings

Lean on me – community and support via Instagram Use #MaysWeddingMusings

Who Is It for?  What is it About?

For many of us, giving information and sharing on social media like Instagram can often feel awkward, especially at this time. Sometimes you just can’t even think what to write about either. These prompts were prepared between three of us (all three wedding professionals, one recently married, one less recently married, and the other has just celebrated 24 years of marriage happiness – you can tell from her posts) to help and inspire wedding experts on Instagram to share how they work with other wedding professionals in different areas of the wedding industry.

As well as helping the professional wedding community learn about the pressures and joys of others working in the same field, couples can gain top advice. It’s also for any newly marrieds who can share their own wedding experiences to help couples on their wedding planning journey.

Getting To Know The Wedding Experts

As well as sharing their expertise and advice with the newly engaged, those already on their wedding planning journey and couples who have had to postpone their 2020 wedding plans, it’s a great opportunity to make connections. You can get to know someone pretty well via social media. When you meet in real life, you will like them already. You will feel like you already know how he/she works and what is involved for the professional wedding cake maker, your wedding florist or make-up artist.

Making online connections for when you meet for real

Real Couple Participation

Advice and suggestions from real couples are invaluable! It’s vital to be reminded what our compatible couples need from us.

Just Marrieds or Old Marrieds – please share your wedding experience to help other couples

The First 10 Prompts

Get your first 10 ready for Friday 1st May

Suggestions for our May Insta chats;

  1. This one is an obvious one. Introduce yourself, and what your role is within the wedding industry. If you are a bride or groom, or husband / wife share your first thoughts about the wedding professionals you contacted
  2. What made you start a career in weddings? Who do you help – is it only couples or wedding venues too? Are you a service for the mother-of-the-bride or do you provide child care or pet care on a wedding day? Couples – when did first know you wanted to marry your love?
  3. If your best friend had just got engaged what would your your top 3 tips be?
  4. Why supporting and helping each other matters more than ever before. Who helped you? Who supports you almost weekly/daily in your business right now?
  5. Share something lighthearted like a funny film or book or a favourite pastime that always lifts the mood.. The film that always makes me laugh is Pitch Perfect. Also… Bridesmaids – it even has puppies.
  6. It’s been such a heartbreaking time in many different ways. What’s the best advice you have read or received about wedding postponements?
  7. We all know what a joy it is to really like working with your couples, and I know what a joyful experience it is for couples to feel valued and special. What kind of person are you most compatible with?
  8. Back to fun – what object could you not live without? Either at work or home, apart from the obvious mobile phone!
  9. More fun – show us a picture of you chilling out/feeling totally blissed out
  10. What’s the best compliment you’ve received about the service you provide? As a bride or groom – what was the highlight of your wedding dayI’ll be back with the next set of 10 next week. Anyone with wedding experience as a couple can join in at any point – share around, and tag your friends.

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Supporting Wedding Creatives

Valentina, romantic wedding stationery designer at Velvet May Designs designed these gorgeous May inspired prompt lists and gave valuable input as a newly-wed. She is also getting a puppy.

Mille grazie to wedding planner extraordinaire, Julie of My Secret Italy and hilarious fellow wedding photographer, Andrea at Andrea Ellison Photography for their patience and hashtag name suggestions

Thank you also to my partner in other wedding creativity, Heidi at Glorious By Heidi for reading through the initial prompts and helping with the hashtag name shortlist.

See you soon!

The Next 10 Prompts from Monday 18 May

11.  What do you think the top 5 wedding planning priorities should be? Couples how did you decide what yours were?

12. How would you describe your own style?  What will your wedding day style be?

13. An easy one, I think. Share a couple of your favourite colour combos.

14. What are you currently planning or working on in your wedding world?

15. What is luxury to you? Is it a feeling, a place, an item?

16. Where will we find you at parties?! In the kitchen? Where the dancing is? Drinking and chatting in the garden?

17. What are your thoughts on wedding themes?

18. Wedding experts – your winter wedding top tips. Couples – what worries you the most about planning a winter wedding?

19. Do you plan weddings abroad? What do couples need to think about?

20. Tell us your favourite quote – it could be any e.g. what your nan used to say or one from Vincent Van Gogh

harrogate wedding photographer catherine of boho chic weddings in valley gardens in the centre of harrogate
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Now for the Final 11 Instagram Prompts to 31 May 2020

instagram prompts list for couples getting married and wedding professionals

21. Tell us how you work behind the scenes or simply share a picture of you at work

22. With more couples planning a Monday or Thursday wedding day, share what the pros and cons of a mid-week wedding might be

23. All those people to say hello to! Wedding planners – your absolute top tips please. Recently marrieds – did you have a wedding with over 100 guests? What would you advise?

24. A nice personal one – list or share pictures of your favourite THINGS (not people)

25. Do you prefer to relax in the countryside or by the seaside?

26. For your wedding day, is your preference to marry somewhere dramatic or romantic?

27. How are you managing your wedding planning? Which parts did you find the most awkward or difficult? How did you resolve them?

28. What are you thankful for right now?

29. What’s the best /luckiest thing that ever happened to you?

30. As it says on the label.. what’s your favourite tipple

31. What do you wish there was more of in life, in general?

And that’s it for May 2020! Follow #MaysWeddingMusings to see what people wrote to these prompts. Thank you for joining in, Xox

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