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A believer in harmony, it’s important that we connect because there is such a thing as the right photographer for you and your wedding.



Photographing since my mum gave me a camera for my 10th birthday, I plan to photograph forever, or thereabouts.

Starting school, I enjoyed writing stories. My happy ending was to have a picture at the end of each one but I just couldn’t draw. My mum, good at many things, would often draw the picture for me and then I’d colour it in.

Maybe it’s because I couldn’t draw (at all) that making pictures with a camera became so rewarding but I think mum bought me my own camera to keep me away from hers!

My most treasured possession is my mum and dad’s wedding album. Holding a special photograph in your hand… you can even kiss it and feel the love of the person in it again.

A thing of beauty really is a joy forever, and I value quality over quantity.

My dad was a tall, cool, sharp dresser. We were once sent out for school shoes and returned with three party dresses for me, one of ankle length, yellow spotted tulle with dropped waist and pistachio ice cream. Days together at the seaside were the best. Eventually I got a brother AND a sister, and a rubber dinghy.

What’s not to love about photographing weddings? I photograph people in love feeling fabulous, amongst people who love them. All those bonds, connections and wedding day emotions in gorgeous settings.

Since moving to the Yorkshire countryside with my love, my photographer husband, and our cat, Monique, I’ve convinced The Husband that a doggy would be a perfect addition to our home but the cat still says no!

Through photography, I occasionally glimpse glamour and fame. Meeting the real ‘Poirot’ was definitely a life highlight. Jimmy Choo is a very smiley, personable man – getting close to him for a picture was perfectly fine, but I had to photograph his couture shoes from afar.

Favourites include warm, fresh bread with brie, camembert or Wensleydale, strong frothy coffee, dark chocolate (making Tiramisu my perfect dessert), fizz & full-bodied reds, much reading, the sea, Art-Deco, 70s boho-luxe fashion, Elvis, ceramics, warm, snuggly people and soft turquoise blues, Northern Soul, salsa, Argentine Tango, CarmenLemony SnicketPractical MagicHighlanderThe Odyssey


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“Catherine brings a great deal of experience, talent and care to her work”