10 Uplifting Things To Do On Your Postponed Wedding Date

Postponed Wedding Date

Encouraged by the caring and positive outlook of my Spring and Summer 2020 couples whose wedding day has been postponed, here are 10 light-hearted things you could do to mark your original wedding date and celebrate your love.

Read to the end for REAL COUPLE EXPERIENCES too.

Whilst we are all painfully aware that there are worse things happening right now, it does matter that you had to postpone such a wondrous day that some of you have been planning for a year or more, one of you, for 4 years.

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At this point of course, we don’t know exactly how we’ll feel when your original wedding date comes around – you might feel a little sad, you might shed a few tears but when you’re ready for an uplift, any of these might raise a smile, a snigger, a chortle at least. I do know that I will think of you the night before, when my camera bag would have been packed in readiness.

I reckon I will raise a frothy coffee to you on what would have been your wedding morning or maybe a glass of fizz around your ceremony or wedding breakfast time… just because…

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways.

Start your day with a written gift to each other. Make it one of the most thoughtful treasures your partner will receive from you. Write a letter or a poem – funny or romantic, it doesn’t matter. Name the three things you love the most about each other, recount the day you knew you’d found the love of your life, your memories of the day you met.

Do you remember the day you fell in love?

Propose Again

Recreate the proposal. Set the scene as much as you can in your garden or home, only this time swap places! Take a picture – share it when you’re ready.

Dress Up

Wear something you would have worn on your wedding day. It could be your shoes, your tie, a piece of jewellery or even your wedding rings for an hour or so.

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Menu For The Day

Plan your menu so the whole day feels special. Set your table beautifully, light candles, dress for dinner or have a special picnic in your garden (get some bunting or lanterns out!) or in your lounge – again, set the scene.

Get Your Playlist On

And have a dance together every hour! Not up for dancing? Lacking a little mojo? Do 10 star jumps in front of each other – bet you are laughing by the third one.

engagement photograph of a couple leaping in the air

Signature Cocktail or Mocktail

Why not create one? You could have it again for your wedding.

drinks reception picture of the cocktails at a wedding at fangar in majorca


Flowers are so uplifting to see. Some florists operate a responsible delivery service. Have a bunch of your wedding flowers in your main rooms. Wear a flower in your hair, behind your ear… in your smile, hahah.

Cake or Cheese

Get your favourites in. Maybe even a couple of samples that you are having on your wedding day?

Make An Album Together or Update Your Wedding Book Together

You know, the one that you’ve been meaning to do for ages. It could be of your last holiday or you might still have pictures in a box from your first few years together. The key here is ‘together’.

Celebrate Your Love

Even if it means a wee smooch or laugh in the rain! Making the best of this day will strengthen the bonds between you even more.

rain photograph at scampston hall north yorkshireDo tell me if you think of any more. Share with me what you do… better still, take some pictures and share those.

Love & humour rock the world!

Congratulations on setting your new wedding date. You are almost through to the other side. Imagine the giddy kissing, the extra hugging and what a brilliant celebration your wedding day will be for everyone for having come through this fragile period.

Actual Feelings & Real Experiences

Before hearing what couples who have had to postpone have felt, and said, it’s good to remember these points made by a close family member who should have been at her sister’s spring wedding;

Today should have been a day filled with love, fun, family, friends and amazing wedding memories. Instead, after 2 years of planning an epic weekend, we are all staying at home, wondering how to fill our day, playing our part in stopping the spread of the virus.

Since lockdown I’ve been dreading today as I knew it would be hard not seeing everyone I love, knowing how blooming excited the couple were too.

I will shed a tear. I will have a few drinks! BUT what we all have to think is when we go to sleep tonight is that, we won’t be thinking ‘Wow that was an amazing day, I’m gutted it’s all over’.  Instead we can think, ‘WAHOO we still have this amazing wedding to look forward to!’ I think even though this is no longer your official wedding day, it will still always be a special date, and when the wedding does happen I can’t even imagine how incredible it will actually be.

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Real Couple Experiences

E & J  shared on wedding blog, Love My Dress; We were going to have a big wedding. Six weeks before our date, we had to postpone. It felt so surreal. So near, yet so far.

As well as the obvious changes couples have to make with changing their date and rebooking their wedding suppliers hoping that they are all available, there was the whole domino effect with having to remeasure for suits and dresses, and the fear of what might happen.

Here comes the fun part. They still wanted to celebrate on their original wedding date. One of their neighbours was present when they had their Banns read and she organised a street party for them with the others. Keeping their distance of course, neighbours stepped out with mugs of tea or fizz and threw confetti.

It turned out that one of their neighbours was a professional violinist, and her son a singer so live music serenaded them! A local cake company brought round afternoon tea.

They also had a live Zoom ceremony with the bride’s best friend dressing up as a vicar and giving the most hilarious vows. The couple dressed up in their wedding outfits, and later on danced their first dance in the kitchen with their guests watching on Zoom.

Thinking positively, E & J said that in spite the heartbreak and cost of postponing, they will always remember how neighbours they had never even spoken to before came out to make their day memorable.

E & N’s Experience

“We ended up having a quiet day and actually, the build up was far worse than the day itself. We took advice from your blog post and had a lovely dinner and even danced to some of our wedding playlist which was emotional but fun at the same time. Now we are on the countdown again! We are now using this time to get into shape and maybe thinking about altering our wedding decor slightly.”

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Catherine, Xox

Creative Credits

Encouraged to write this by the wedding fairy that is Julie of My Secret Italy and also by Yorkshire wedding planner, Louise from Your Fabulous Wedding who explains the emotions around postponements in a gentle, caring way – What To Do On Your Original Wedding day
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