Wedding Photography in Wakefield / Amanda and Lloyd

Wedding Photography in Wakefield is to follow for these nearly-weds. In the meantime, here are some photographs of their pre-wedding photo shoot taken at Sandal Castle in Wakefield.

Amanda and Lloyd are due to be married in June and we spent a short while one very sunny Sunday taking some pictures at Sandal Castle.  They used to come here when they first stared dating in 2002, so it seemed rather apt.

Wedding Photography in Wakefield

Wedding Photography in Wakefield

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Lloyd was in a very jolly laughing mood from the start. They barely stopped smiling and giggling. It was a fun photo-shoot!

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Lloyd loves anything with an engine in it. As they both enjoy travelling in this car, they have decided that it’s to be their wedding car. What a fun idea! Amanda will be driven to her wedding reception by her brother.

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The nearly-weds have chosen a local and tranquil wedding venue in West Yorkshire. Beautiful wedding pictures are sure to follow.

Amanda is a keen photographer herself so Lloyd said he’s used to being photographed. Their wedding photography is one of their main priorities of their wedding day and they have chosen to have an additional professional wedding photographer.

I know they researched their Yorkshire wedding photographer very thoroughly so I’m professionally flattered to be chosen. Andy and I are looking forward to a lovely and fun wedding day with you and your guests. See you soon, x x