Tipi Wedding Ideas with Totem Tipi at Helmsley North Yorkshire

tipis set up at Helmsley walled gardens for a wedding in North Yorkshire

A Saturday off, some Yorkshire Tipis, a country garden, my husband, and just one professional camera… Ooh, and gorgeous wedding ideas from talented Yorkshire wedding suppliers…
Totem Tipi held a wedding fair at Helmsley Walled Gardens in North Yorkshire this April. Each tipi was beautifully styled by a few select Yorkshire wedding suppliers so that engaged couples could imagine how their own wedding tipi/teepee could look and how they could add their own ideas and personal touches.

Tipis are very versatile and you can use one for a small gathering or link a few for a wedding party. Totem Tipi are part of the North Yorkshire County Council, developed as as a social purpose with proceeds funding youth services in the region.

My husband jokes that no man should ever have to go to as many wedding fairs as he has attended! To be fair, he’s right, although he always loves it when we get there because they are held in such picturesque locations and he gets to chat to all the creatives and I am left awhile to catch some pictures to show my couples.

Documentary photography by Yorkshire wedding photographer, Catherine Kerr
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Helmsley Walled Garden in North Yorkshire – a 250 year old garden restored by a local lady, Alice Ticehurst in 1994 for all to enjoy and to provide Horticultural Therapy. Helmsley Castle is in the background.
Contact Charlie for the Tipis by Totem Tipi which were decorated with the soft floral and styling skills of Sarah Garforth from Farm who also did the table settings

We all know how much kids like being occupied so something for the children is a great idea. The wonderful children’s tipi was by the talented Emily of  Emily K Weddings who is rather good at a whole lot more, so do take a look at her site.
Inside the dual Totem Tipi we were greeted with champers by the charming Jules of Fusion Event Bars – another top wedding day idea!

We saw stationery and paper flower designs by Carolyn of Gray Starling Designs who also designed and made the pale blue table plan on the easel

Photographers hardly ever get their picture taken so this is what we did after we stopped to admire the design and construction of the fabulous looking camera belonging to Monique (also the name of our beautiful cat by the way…) of Grin & Share It whilst listening to live piano playing by a musician from The Royal Academy of Music – how classy is that?!

And there has to be cake! Always, cake… by Rhian of Helmsley at Celebrate Country Cake Design

We finished our garden trip admiring the floral creations by local artisan florist Kymm Queen of Queens Flowers at the garden and with a delicious late lunch at the Helmsley Walled Garden Cafe – The Vinehouse Cafe

Professional photography by me: I’m Catherine, a full-time Yorkshire wedding photographer who can’t keep away from creatives and lovely celebrations. See some wedding love in the Wedding Gallery